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Mala Necklace with Carnelian, Apatite, Jasper, Tibetan Beads, Buddha Heads

Mala Necklace with Carnelian, Apatite, Jasper, Tibetan Beads, Buddha Heads


Comforted and Disciplined!

Have you been searching for some stones to help you feel more grounded in your goals? This necklace is designed to keep a keen awareness on your decision making. With traditional Tibetan prayer beads, Turquoise, Carnelian, Jasper and Apatite, and Buddha heads, you will be sure to rewire the hard stuck patterns in your daily activities so that you are more present with your creative options. Find a sense of purpose instead of an auto pilot to turn old routines into fresh, productive engagements! This Carnelian pendant is a little heavier, making this longer mala perfect for a male or female who can handle a whole lotta necklace.

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This is one of the first crystals I was ever drawn to for my root and sacral chakras. I love Carnelian for its deep connection to my creative and passionate impulses. When this stone is raw, you feel the sturdy and steady power of mother earth’s cradle. If this variety is polished, you will marvel at the variations of maroon, red, white and grey that appear organically in the shiny surface. Call on this stone if you are feeling blocked or unsettled, and remember that you have great gifts to offer the world. Be patient in your process and take care of your needs in order to witness your creativity flow naturally. When you find pleasure in your purpose, you will experience the best flow state in all of creation! 

This is a lighter variety with more white to bring balance into your decision making. Are there areas of your life in which you desire more disciple? Let this crystal help you digest information easily so you can weigh your options appropriately. Whether you are choosing what foods to eat, books to read, or exercises for your body, take notice of what truly effects you. Start to question the environments you inhabit --are you spending more time in the ones that recharge you, or drain you? What fills your cup? Make mindfulness a practice that infuses all decisions! Become proud of your actions, words and deeds when they are fueled by your higher truth. 

If you have a tendency to have a million things going at once, and busy is your middle name, it’s time to bring some Jasper into your life! Approach one task at a time, and you will be sure to find more fulfillment and security in your work. Like Agate, Jasper is found all around the earth, and is a beautiful ally for keeping us grounded and focused with unity and trust. How do you eat your favorite gluten-free, raw, vegan cake? You can’t swallow the whole thing at once, silly; take it one bite at a time! Life may seem to demand a lot, so begin to compartmentalize your lists. 

One of the most loved gemstones all over the globe, turquoise is best known for its protective and healing qualities. You’ve probably seen by now that this crystal helps just about everyone! From the French, “Turkish Stone,” it has long been popularized by Califonia hippies, Tibetan priests, ancient Chinese totems, old Western cowboys and more. Turquoise jewelry, decor, altar items, etc., promote good fortune, and travelers often keep this precious crystal around to ward off negative energies. Feel your aura and physical body shielded from mal intentions, and view your Turquoise like a lucky rabbit’s foot in your back pocket.