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Mala Necklace with Garnet, Peach Moonstone, Apatite, Fresh Water Coral (Petosky Stone)

Mala Necklace with Garnet, Peach Moonstone, Apatite, Fresh Water Coral (Petosky Stone)


Gorgeous handmade Petosky Stone pendant from Michigan coupled with Peach Moonstone, Garnet and light blue Apatite. I find this piece to be nurturing, cleansing and grounding, helping me return to a place of peace. Om, Shanti Om!

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A beautiful, feminine stone with lots of power to help you heal from within the physical body. Especially useful for purifying the blood, regulating moon cycles, aiding in recovery from addiction, and letting mother earth keep you present.

Peach Moonstone

This shimmery gem is uniquely tuned to evoke the divine mother. Have you been yearning to turn more attention towards your own needs and dreams, rather than pouring out your energy for others? Chances are, you need some love in your higher heart and sacral chakras. Use Peach Moonstone to sync up to all the organic cycles of the universe and prioritize yourself so that you are more able to provide in the rest of the world! Remember, we have to put on our oxygen masks first before assisting other passengers on this crazy journey of life. Imagine the reservoir of love overflowing from your heart and out into the world. Go sweetly, go softly, and find compassion for all living beings. Call in goddess energy to nurture and tend to your heart, and notice continuous thoughts of gratitude emerging into your reality.

Blue Apatite

This is a lighter variety with more white to bring balance into your decision making. Are there areas of your life in which you desire more disciple? Let this crystal help you digest information easily so you can weigh your options appropriately.

Freshwater Coral

A lovely way to support local artists in Michigan is by buying Petosky Stone! This piece comes straight to you from a small farm business, where they collect stones right out of the lake and hand polish them. The organic patterns are as unique as a snowflake, and the pendant resonates of timeless wisdom. Rocks remind us that the evolutionary process takes time, and we are all going at our own pace.