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Mala Necklace with Opalite, Orange Calcite, Peach Moonstone and Aquamarine

Mala Necklace with Opalite, Orange Calcite, Peach Moonstone and Aquamarine


A mala for the Sacral Chakra, using the Water Element for inspiration!

This specific combination of crystal healing stones honors your emotional and creative nature.

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Once upon a time, a Picsean fish crafted a plan with Mother Nature to bring emotional awareness and pure beauty to the humans on earth. The oceans sang with approval as they created Aquamarine, the crystal for those of us who desire to express our emotions within the limitations of using words. Bring courage to the throat chakra so that you may choose vernacular carefully and allow others to understand your emotional divinity. Let the watery tides of your feelings seek comfort instead of frustration with those around you. This is a very high quality stone and when you are ready for healing, she will reveal deep meaning.

Orange Calcite

Calling all students and teachers….YOU! Human Experience on Earth is your field of study, and Calcite reminds you that class is always in session. Tap into your sacral chakra to find fun and creative ways to spark your passion projects. Have you been feeling apathetic or unmotivated? It is time to energize the emotional body and kick start you back into gear. No more artistic blockages or fears of trying something new. Bring excitement into your personal and professional goals, and let those creative juices flow!


If unicorns and angels cried from laughing together, and poured those tears into molds, they would turn into Opalite beads! These almost rainbow, translucent varieties sparkle like fish scales playing with patterns of light. Resonating with the crown chakra, Opalite is perfect for reaching the heavenly realms during prayer and meditation. Feel energetically lighter, making room for playfulness and divine channeling from your spirit guides.

Peach Moonstone

This shimmery gem is uniquely tuned to evoke the divine mother. Have you been yearning to turn more attention towards your own needs and dreams, rather than pouring out your energy for others? Chances are, you need some love in your higher heart and sacral chakras. Use Peach Moonstone to sync up to all the organic cycles of the universe and prioritize yourself so that you are more able to provide in the rest of the world! Remember, we have to put our oxygen masks on first before assisting other passengers on this crazy journey of life. Call in goddess energy to nurture and tend to your heart, and notice overflowing thoughts of gratitude emerging into your reality.