Serving the planet and her people


A Little Taste of Sal

Getting out into mother nature is my opportunity to recharge and find deep surrender to trust.  I'm learning to empower myself by surrendering into vulnerability, taking big chances and listening to my desires.  I've enjoyed a decade in the Rocky Mountains as a Hatha yoga teacher, with experience in event planning, hospitality, and holistic healing.  I'm so fortunate to call Steamboat Springs my home base, but it is time to hit the big open road!

Like most westerners, her personal yoga practice started with a need to sweat, but quickly blossomed into a quest to discover more about her body, soul and mind. She became hungry for alternative modalities to address her overall health, and most recently has completed her training as a Clarity Breathworker. It was this practice that brought the most profound results, relieving decades of negative blockages throughout her being. She has studied with various teachers from all over the globe to improve upon her knowledge of how energy moves through the different layers of the soul, and ways she can serve others by holding space during transformational journeys.

Within a group breathwork setting, you can often find her using crystals, laying on of hands, pendulums, and other tools to guide clients into a place of safety and exploration. As a custom mala maker, she seeks to connect with humankind through intentional prayer necklaces, and is humbled to share the magic of semi-precious gemstones with a large audience.

Sarah Albert