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Conscious Breathwork

  • Rakta Hot Yoga 1169 Hilltop Ln Suite 202A Steamboat Springs, CO 80488 USA (map)

Circular breathing is the practice of "rebirthing"--a very simple technique with profound results.  We have clients breathe in and out through the mouth with a concentration on a strong inhale into the chest with a very relaxed, passive exhale.  In this way, participants are safely over oxygenating the body while avoiding hyperventilation, super charging their internal energetic currents, and navigating the subconscious.  

Over the past few years, this practice has shown me a wide range of results; some experience numbness in their limbs, as they release past traumas from the emotional and mental body, while others have euphoric, even transcendental journeys through their own consciousness and beyond.  What every single person can agree upon during completion, however, is the ultimate trust and peace they find in their hearts. 

The best part about this meditation is that ANYONE ready for healing can do it!  My family recently visited from the east coast, and although they have no history of practicing yoga or other techniques, they jumped right into it.  I've seen folks of all ages and walks of life report they found forgiveness, acceptance, motivation, insight, psychedelic visions, and a dramatic increase of self love after only one session (just to name a few).  

In a world where we are constantly taught to compare ourselves to others, or judge our past actions, the feeling of separation can be unbearable.  Breathwork takes us into a more compassionate route to living spiritually, and tapping into the oneness of all being.  It is the healing that comes from within the individual that is the most potent.