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Mala Necklace with Moonstone Third Eye Pinecone, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Celestite

Mala Necklace with Moonstone Third Eye Pinecone, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Celestite


Nurture and Soften!

This official Third Eye Pinecone Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone in the center is adorned with a gorgeous strand of beads that remind us adults that there is always room to rest in the nursery of our hearts. Focusing on all of the chakras with this combination of stones, you will be empowered and uplifted to heal any negativity and pursue your life's purpose with ease.

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Rainbow Moonstone
Even if you are new to the world of crystals, chances are you’ve already seen this gorgeous rock. Rainbow Moonstone is a total crowd favorite, and for good reason. Just like our faithful grandmother moon, who sticks by earth through daily rotations and annual orbital changes, Moonstone aids the wearer in syncing up to the natural rhythms of all life. Invoking the crown chakra and the divine feminine, she sparkles with the colors of the rainbow when you pay attention, keeping you present and focused. Learn to read your emotional tides and trust that there are times for darkness, and times for light. Regulate your own cycles and understand the beauty of routine, especially when it seems like chaos abounds. 

Golden Rutilated Quartz
This gemstone reminds us that we have permission to experience ecstasy. What a gift to connect the sacral, solar and heart chakras! Clear away any blockages that may be preventing you from focusing on your pleasure. Dare to speak your heart’s desires, ask for what you deserve, and take responsibility for how you feel. Cease waiting for others to do or say something to “make” you what you are. Start identifying with who you can be at your core without the labels of society. By letting go of thoughts that are driven from defense, we have more time to focus energy on our inner light. Visualize each beautiful golden rutile in these beads as piercing lightning bolts of love, ready to redirect your ego mind from argument into ascension. 

Tiger’s Eye
Stick out your tongue, open your eyes, release your claws and let your fangs grow wide! Tiger’s Eye is here to supercharge your sacral and solar plexus chakras with intense healing. Using the divine masculine to tear down old patterns and limiting beliefs, this crystal inspires you to reach deep down and GO FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE! Get clear on what you’ve been missing, and then stop avoiding the beautiful opportunities the universe is granting you to grow. Channel compersion, the opposite of jealousy, and learn to have unlimited joy for another’s joy, thereby destroying the illusion of competition. Hold yourself accountable and explore what brings you purpose by being of service to others. The need to blame will dissolve as you use Tiger’s Eye to keep your healthy ego strong. 

Beyond the physical realm, there are guides watching over and protecting us. Celestite is like the speed dial button on your spiritual cell phone to contact those beings! Whether you believe in angels, already have a tarot deck and an altar, or are just starting to become more comfortable with the fact that you have ancestral karma, this stone is for you. Celestite will spark your throat chakra into speaking directly with your ascended ones. Learn how to choose your prayers carefully and find the strength to ASK. FOR. HELP. Simple, not easy, eh? Hold this crystal when you want an opportunity to sit at the kitchen table with these celestial friends. Tune in your radio frequency to receive divine messages in times of need. 

Strawberry Quartz
When the workload is piling higher, and the list of to dos is getting longer, we often forget to pencil ourselves into our daily duties. Strawberry Quartz is here to press pause on the responsibilities and remind you to take precious moments of soothing stillness. Looking into the mirror and saying, “I Love You” is a great way to come back to the higher heart chakra and find peace in an instant. Carry this crystal with you on hectic days, and train yourself to float effortlessly instead of fast pacing your way through everything. Put down the distractions, and immerse your being in self-love. Know your worth, and know you’re worth it! 

Mantra Beads
Om Mane Padme Hum...I am the jewel inside of the lotus. From the depths of the darkness I rise towards the light, going slowly and trusting my journey. Chant and repeat, silently or out loud, and let the conscious brainwashing overflow your cup. The worries float away, and the gratitude waves in.