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#MakeAmericaSmallAgain, Friends Abound

I spent a few weeks this fall moving in and out of Santosha (contentment), seeing our day to day life as an organic flow of activities or lack there of. Some days, we camped in the wet, cold autumn and got a bit more cabin fever than we anticipated. The van is home, but she is quite the tight space when, for multiple days in a row, Kyle and I have no other humans to interact with but each other. Thank GODDESS for Winnie! And books. And crystals. We cherish our intimate moments and then we, well, really don’t. Such is the cycle.

Visiting friends and family all over the country helped us #makeamericasmallagain, and here is a small recap by region:

Wisconsin: Teddy and Liz!

Michigan: High Five Distillery, Lindsay and Scotty, Branch Out breathers, Lakeshore Yoga gemstone girlies!

North Carolina: My witchy ShePounds!

Florida: TEAMBOOOOOOOAAAAAAATTTTTTTT, Crewlaween, my ganja goddess Maggie!

Virginia: Amazing decompression with Nara

New Jersey: Vicky, Conor and Tux!

New York: Alexa and Vinny …and weirdos at the Sermon

Massachusetts: Amber+Tribe!! Yogease Breathwork. Family and extended loves. All the teachers at Om Namo for welcoming us.

New Hampshire: Holderness Breathwork! My lovely Aunt Vic and Uncle Chris.

Maine: Jess, Chad, Mango & Rolling Meadows!

Joyful for Connections!

Joyful for Connections!

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