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The Universe is Listening

You know when you hit a patch in your life when you’re constantly acknowledging the work that you are ready to do? Like, you’re asking the universe with half desperation/half determination to provide you with the opportunities, the environments, the people, and the energy to push forward on a path that is ultimately unknown, even though you’re trying to carve it out of stone?

That’s where I feel like I am treading right now.

Here is a short list of my current daily tasks:

-Pray, meditate, breathe

-Move, sweat, stretch, strengthen

-WRITE! Ya, this blog has been a portal of creativity and a way overdue mission of mine. Get the words out, get back in the groove of documenting, and learn from myself and what my soul wants to say

-Connect with new studios, retreats, farms, and schools

-Amp up the mala game and make selling jewelry on the road more consistent

-Find new guides, sit as a student, and soak up new styles like a sponge

-Eat delicious foods, keep moving towards dairy and gluten free, reduce substance intake

-Take care of miss Winnie, making sure she gets lots of fun

-Spend time with family and friends we haven’t seen recently

-Read books, keep reducing screen time

And Novemeber has certainly delivered!! The more I dedicate to this list, the more it materializes. Just the other morning I got caught up in my inner task maker, the mentality that we have to be DOING MORE. Its what my parents are constantly seeking from me, themselves, and everyone and everything, so we grew up in a constant mood of lack. Rather than being grateful for all we have and have done, I slipped backwards. More=productive to my parents, and even though I’ve worked to un-learn that unrealistic drive, being around them spikes my former tendencies to NEED.

Scratch that.

I’m taking responsibility.

Being around them is a reminder, but I CHOSE to act that way…they didn’t and cannot ever make me do anything. But that morning I lit into Kyle, questioning what the hell we were doing for ourselves and our future, not having booked anything in a while even though we’ve been sending out dozens of emails, pouring hours into promoting ourselves, and focusing on inhaling positivity. What are we going to do? We went back and forth with ideas and sassiness until we surrendered into the vulnerability of our fears, settling on the need to give and receive more love in our relationship so that, regardless of what is going on around us, we still have our solidarity. We hugged, gave thanks, and moved forward.

And the universe literally threw us a bone—we have checked so much on that list, booked 4 breathwork sessions in two days, kept pushing ourselves physically, and are emotionally rewarded!!!

I love you sky. I love you earth. I love you vibrational, consciousness oneness limitless bliss.

Yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, human being.

Yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, human being.

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