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9/27 Taking Action

“When was a time you chose to take action in your life? How did it make you feel? What aspect of your life are you ready to take control of right now? What will you choose to experience?”

I’d like to get really present with this question and respond with an inception like response—the answer is within this answer? A time I chose to take action in my life was with this blog, this whole month long commitment of writing. I have to say, I’ve moved between motivated, excited, full of excuses, and not really interested as the month of prompts has gone one. But here we are, almost at the end, and I am super proud of the way the challenge has materialized. I have written way more posts than I would have on my own, and I’ve also done a lot of photo uploading to make this blog more visually appealing! I’m excited that I get to share some more personal pieces with the world, and I’m also a little disappointed in myself for not carving out more time daily. It has been a BIG goal of mine to spend time away from screens while living on the road, so that doesn’t really compliment writing a blog on a website. HAH! Look at me contradicting myself with opposing forces. Anyways, I didn’t want to push against that too hard, so I didn’t really write every day. In fact, it is October, and I am finishing up my “month” of blogging because gosh darn I made a promise to myself that I would do this!!!!!! I’m in the home stretch of finishing a big homework project. So, ya, I’m a little late on the delivery, and not every post is full of juicy eloquent writing. A lot of the entries ARE though, and for that, I am very proud of myself. There isn’t a gold star or a special award for finishing a blog post a day, yet there is a smile in my heart because I completed a task with my virtual community that isn’t easy! BIG thanks to Jayme and John for keeping me accountable day by day and inspiring me with new prompts. I’m almost done uploading!

Now, the second part of the question; an aspect of my life that I am ready to take control of RIGHT NOW is my online sales of malas and my ability to network with new locations to teach breathwork. My jewelry is intentional and high vibrational, and I am capable of making more necklaces in the next few months for new clients. My workshops are powerful healing experiences and there are many people out there who need to remember the power of breathing. So, I want to put this out in the universe that I am READY, WILLING, AND OPEN to clients finding me and paying me great money for great products and services.

Dear great spirit, help me attract the best people who are looking for ways to elevate their consciousness, that I may aid them on their spiritual and emotional journeys with the power of mother earth’s crystals and their own prana.

I choose to experience abundance RIGHT NOW. I experience magnificence in my daily actions. I experience joy and gratitude and prosperity. Energy works in my favor. I attract beautiful people. I visit beautiful places. I am calm and even keeled. I am worthy of making lots of connections. I spend my time wisely advertising and growing my social media so that I can convert followers into customers. I am offering amazing deals to people who want to work with me.

Breathwork is magic. Malas are meaningful. I am on the right path. So it is and so it shall be.

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