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9/11 Hometown Homie

“Write about the place(s) where you grew up.”

I can’t really say that Connecticut pride is super strong with me, so I’m going to go with the North East. Yes, I love revisiting and going home to New England, but I feel so connected with the Rocky Mountains from the past decade of my life that THIS PLACE is home. As are so many locations around the world! I am a creature of the planet. But here are the top ten reasons why I love where I grew up:

1) THE OUTDOORS. The forests, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, the parks, the tree canopies, the green green green, the seasons.

2) THE FOOD. Widely diverse menus, tons of restaurants, and the birthplace of pizza. I will always love a good east coast deli!

3) THE ACCENTS. If you don’t fuckin’ know what I mean, kid, you fuckin’ out.

4) THE FARMS. I could just as easily get non-gmo sweet corn from the 89 year old farmer as I could an ice cream cone, and both were tasty treats.

5) THE SPORTS. I’m not a super fan anymore, but shit ya I would watch games all. the. time.

6) THE CITY. Proximity to NYC is priceless. The Big Apple was such a seductress to me once upon a time…I’m glad I never lived there but had the chance to pop in on a train whenever I’d like.

7) SUMMER CAMP. Being away from my home for 8 weeks a summer was my HEAVEN!!! Thank you, Camp Wohelo, for teaching me and letting me run naked.

8) MUSEUMS. Okay, whatever, I am a huge nerd, but there are so many cool places to visit.

9) THE NEIGHBORHOODS. I was safe enough to ride my bike, chase squirrels, walk to friend’s houses, and be out after dark. I had clean water and clean streets and clean air. A fucking luxury.

10) RAIN. For some reason, this just popped into my head. I loved the rain, the moisture, the humidity (most of the time). I never had to deal with fire bans, or droughts, or floods. It was like the perfect amount of rain <3

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