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Meditation with Kids

I recently chatted with another yoga teacher about her nephews and their love of essential oils.
YES—this sentence sounds incredibly stereotypical, but it was a huge shock to me because those boys are used to fighting and yelling and confrontation, not wellness practices. Their parents recently split and they have been spending more time swearing in the past than OMing…

So it really took me by surprise when she explained the extent to which their mom has worked to integrate new healthy habits.

We adults are so focused on making big shifts and seeing instant gratification that its easy to forget how important the little changes are. Her work is a great reminder that efforts are rewarded in baby steps, which flourish into giant leaps!

Using one simple trick, like inviting her son to use Lavender oil before he goes to sleep, or to pick his favorite scent to do homework with, has rippled into a massive improvement in perspective!

He now asks questions like “Who is that elephant god on your tapestry?” and “Why isn’t it easy for me to sit and meditate?” Words I literally never thought would enter his lexicon are organically flowing into his day to day curiosity.

Bedtime is no longer a fight, its a treat. The boys look forward to filing the aromatherapy diffuser, and dare I say, becoming more mindful about their schedules! It’s a sacred and simple technique, and I’m so excited to hear parents are returning to holistic practices.

What’s an easy and attractive habit you incorporate with kiddos?

Sarah AlbertComment