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Musings Since Hulaween


We didn’t take pics because, well, it just didn’t happen…so even though I was hoping for some nice visual reviews, we retreat back to words. The adventures in Florida were pure joy. And trying to write a blog overly professionally about an event that was anything but professionally spontaneous seems inauthentic. So Ima be flowing with some free form ideas. Choosing some rambles instead of peer review and exact punctuation. Not editing is not how I write, but hey this Monday is new and for the taking. So let’s see what comes up and come out and moves towards honesty.

Creativity is a manifestation of my spirit and passion.  Navigating the lunar and feminine brain requires presence, which is probably one of the biggest reasons I’ve always loved art museums and concerts.  The closer I am to acting from the heart, the more creative I feel. What gives me joy? Creativity in all things. Food. Music. Clothing. Art. From dancing with the vertex through yoga and movement, to knotting mala prayer beads for clients, my heart guides my creativity.  By attending Hulaween, my top priority was to live in the moment and serve the festival goers as a space holder. Gaze at the lasers and gape at the costumes. Let my skin smell the sun and my hair tangle with humidity. Dirty Feet. Dancing Feet. Happy giggles and sweat and rain and wind. I consider my community and spread knowledge from the soul. Nothing is as satisfying as being present during transformational festivals. What’s over here? Not a timeline or a to do, a love for the sound and the sassiness. I am honored to have presented Conscious Breathwork and connected with the most amazing Oasis Tent community. Every day, each thought and all movements that bear organic pleasure come from the great intuition and connection we all share--prakarti, magic, gods, source. These are the expressions of love.

Collaboration plays a large roll in my life, as I write this coming from almost 5 months of living in a van.  After attending Envision in 2015, I was inspired to explore the idea that every day could be a festival, and started working towards becoming more in sync with the pulses of society and nature. As a workshop facilitator, I’ve found a love for collaborating with like minded weirdos.   Individuals may have winning skills, but teams have victories.

Crew up, dance with the tribe, let the horns call you in and the bass get you here. Shimmy with the strings, stomp with the drums.


The divine, spooky light within me honors the whacky, ineffable light within you. AHO!

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