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9/21 Zombies Don't Stand a Chance Against Love

“Write a short story on how the zombie apocalypse will begin.”

The hamsters are spinning in their wheels. The robots are moving through their motions on their treadmills. The slaves are punching clocks, fighting traffic, struggling to ignore the warning signs their bodies send. The zombies wander through a gray haze. Cell towers are pinging alive, a buzzing hive, a sign that life exists on earth, but the ones who Know Energy have tucked themselves away. A seat at their table is always available for those who want to join them, and their doors stay open, yet the need to unplug has overtaken and so We retreat.

The householders who burn incense chant the names of the One and move spirit through their souls. They connect with kriyas and bhajans and embrace the natural world as the One. We, the ones who Know Energy, can play along with every faith, every religion, every practice that is rooted in Love.

The machines may grind their gears, but we retain the connection.

Even in a time when I have to ask others to put down their phones so we can pray before meals, even in a place where I have to smile and silently send compliments and well wishes to those who pass me by without notice, even here I keep trust in the Oneness Consciousness Bliss.

Do not be afraid, dear ones. This illusion may seem daunting, but she, Maya, is our greatest teacher. Let her lead you home back to the One.

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Sarah AlbertComment