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9/20 All in a Name

“What is your name? What does your name mean? If you were to change your name, to anything in the world, what would you like to change your name to, and why?”

This is a fun one, because I rarely hear my own name directed towards me, and my chosen nickname is the exact style as Jayme’s when she was younger!

Born Sarah Deacon Albert.

My parents apparently couldn’t agree on Phoebe or Margaret, so they chose Sarah (like a bagillion other babies).

Fast forward, all they ever called me was Boo. Or, to be particularly embarrassing, any combination of “Boober” or “Boo Boo” until I would turn red and yell at them.

In 6th grade, we all got email addresses with our first initial and last name, so Salbert was born.

Slowly, Salbert became pretty silly as an identity, and I shortened it to Sal.

I am Sal.

I listened to a documentary on Gaia once about the origin of the human race (conspiracy goes deep here) and they talked about Sal being the name of the first woman.

I like that.

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