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9/24 CRYSTALS described!


Found literally all over the globe, Agate is the kind of quartz crystal that reminds us we are truly all connected on this planet.  Ranging from dark browns to bright blues, Agate is the perfect example that we are all one! No matter what your age, size, sexual orientation, hair color, or musical taste--YOU belong--and Mother Earth loves you.  Agate fills the first chakra with a reassuring nod to your mission in this lifetime, helping you feel grounded and stable. Know that your roots are firm and you are divinely supported, no matter where you physically might be.  Agate helps you plug into source energy whenever you need help finding balance. It also helps harmonize different chakras correlated to their colors.  


This is a soft crystal made of pressed organic material.  Amber is a wonderful tool to aid the energy of the sacral and navel chakras, increasing your personal power and creative passions.  When you need to focus your inner fire, visualize amber energy surrounding your body and growing in your center. Learn to set strong boundaries with this beautiful resin to amplify your courage and attention, releasing old patterns of giving away yourself (time, skills, etc) to others.


One of the most well known and loved crystals, this famous quartz has been used for centuries to aid in protection and healing.  Resonating with the crown chakra, Amethyst is often found in the office for prosperity, in the bedroom for soothing thoughts and dreaming, and as an amulet for safe passage during travel.  Men and women of all ages can appreciate the bold beauty of this rock: with its many varieties of white, purple, clear and sometimes yellow (Citrine or other minerals), it dazzles the eye in impressive points and matrixes.  Call on Amethyst to connect you with your intuition and find more clarity in your meditations. Let this crystal guide you to your highest self so that you may serve others from a place of the highest good.  


This crystal is found in Colorado and other high alpine areas.  What I love about this stone is her magnificently powerful feminine energy.  Much like a mountain, she is strong and sturdy. Call upon Amazonite to feel the divine mother supporting you in your day to day tasks.  Ranging from bright blue, to yellow, to green, to even brown or white, these beads are some of my favorite to use, rough or polished.  


From brilliant blue, to lighter varieties with more white to bring balance into your decision making, Apatite is here to help you process!  Are there areas of your life in which you desire more disciple? Let this crystal help you digest information easily so you can weigh your options appropriately.  Whether you are choosing what foods to eat, books to read, or exercises for your body, take notice of what truly effects you. Start to question the environments you inhabit --are you spending more time in the ones that recharge you, or drain you?  What fills your cup? Make mindfulness a practice that infuses all decisions! Become proud of your actions, words and deeds when they are fueled by your higher truth.  


Once upon a time, a Picsean fish crafted a plan with Mother Nature to bring emotional awareness and pure beauty to the humans on earth.  The oceans sang with approval as they created Aquamarine, the crystal for those of us who desire to express our emotions within the limitations of using words.  Bring courage to the throat chakra so that you may choose vernacular carefully and allow others to understand your emotional divinity. Let the watery tides of your feelings seek comfort instead of frustration with those around you.  This is a very high quality stone and when you are ready for healing, she will reveal deep meaning.  


With the power of the great volcanos, this lava rock carries a Kali goddess energy to the wearer.  If you have something you want to burn--old habits, grudges, or limitations--it is time to offer them up!  Recognize the burdens you’ve been carrying around that no longer serve you, and drop that bagage off curbside!  You are ready to release the negative temptations and past karmas. Let Basalt remind you that when we trust Mother Earth, she can recycle any kind of energy.  Like liquid hot magma cooling into a divine Basalt bead, your patters and desires can and will transform. Find freedom in the constant change that is our life experience here on earth.  


This is one of the first crystals I was ever drawn to for my root and sacral chakras.  I love Carnelian for its deep connection to my creative and passionate impulses. When this stone is raw, you feel the steady power of mother earth’s cradle.  If this variety is polished, you will marvel at the variations of maroon, red, white and grey that appear organically in the shiny surface. Call on this stone if you are feeling blocked or unsettled, and remember that you have great gifts to offer the world.  Be patient in your process and take care of your needs in order to witness your creativity flow naturally. When you find pleasure in your purpose, you will experience the best flow state in all of creation!  

Cats Eye

This kind of quartz is a bit less intense than Tigers Eye, but still holds its own unique, masculine power.  Rather than focusing on the solar plexus, this stone connects with the root chakra, so that you are welcomed home into your own body.  Cease the tendency of comparing yourself to others, and allow your physical form to take up space in your world--big belly breaths, silly dances, a quick sprint up the stairs, skipping to the bus stop--find novelty in the way all of you moves!  Give thanks for the parts of you that are healthy, and offer love and compliments to the parts of you that may need some attention. There is nothing that you HAVE to fix or change, because your nature IS that you are constantly changing! This too, shall pass.  Our bodies are temporary, so we take care of them while we can.  


Beyond the physical realm, there are guides watching over and protecting us.  Celestite is like the speed dial button on your spiritual cell phone to contact those beings!  Whether you believe in angels, already have a tarot deck and an altar, or are just starting to become more comfortable with the fact that you have ancestral karma, this stone is for you.  Celestite will spark your throat chakra into speaking directly with your ascended ones. Learn how to choose your prayers carefully and find the strength to ASK. FOR. HELP. Simple, not easy, eh?  Hold this crystal when you want an opportunity to sit at the kitchen table with these celestial friends. Tune in your radio frequency to receive divine messages in times of need. 


Copper elements guide this stone to mirror image our planet; the deep blues and greens reflect the earth’s power and inspire the wearer to embody that raw energy.  Wonder at the miracle that is life, and recognize you are a unique expression of that beauty in motion. Every cell of your body contains the same coding that all living beings possess, making you purely unstoppable at achieving your dreams.  The great mother, Maha Mata, knows that with patience and determination, everything is possible. Call upon the Goddess when you need reaffirmation of your abilities, and trust that any limits to your greatness are imaginary.  

Clear Quartz Crystal

Where to even being with this mother of all healers?  Quartz is an essential for beginners and a must have for all crystal lovers.  Ranging in size, milkyness, texture and clarity, Quartz is the go-to for clearing out negativity and protecting the auric field.  Use this crystal as a connection to Mother Earth to see plants as food and medicine. Call on quartz to wash away any doubts or fears that cloud your judgement.  Carry this to remove heavy or stale thoughts and energy from your being, home and wherever else you travel. Empower your inner priestess or priest to shine as a warrior of light, and illuminate a peaceful torch to shine on areas of darkness in your life.  Connect with the layers of quartz that sit in the crusts of the whole globe and know there are unified fields protecting you around the planet.  


A jewel for the May baby, the ones with green thumbs and big hearts.  I find the Emerald Priestess in my deeper visualizations and she greets me with such love.  Remember your ability to grow and flourish with this beautiful stone. Emerald brings greatness, so practice saying a mantra like, “I am fortunate!” and receive your fortunes with ease.  

Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry

A pattern woven into the fabric of all life, this circular image helps us feel divine unity with all of creation.  Sacred Geometry such as spirals and fractals are visual meditations, and you will often see the Flower of Life (or Seed of Life) used to raise collective consciousness.  These designs are hidden in sun flowers, the center of fruit, among the cosmos, and in your own DNA. Start to take notice of numerology and patterns around you and find Mother Nature is everywhere.  We are her, of her and within her. The illusion is that we are separate. 


A stone for goddess energy indeed!  With its beautiful hues of green, purple, clear, blue and indigo, this crystal resonates deeply with the higher chakras.  Once you are tuned into your heart, you are able to speak more clearly, mediate more consistently, and rise into the light.  Let Fluorite clear anything that may be plaguing you, knowing that jealousy and fear cannot resonate with this frequency close to your aura.  Take back your personal power, and move forward as a warrior of peace in all realms of your life.  

Freshwater Coral 

Take a moment and start to question your sources.  What’s around you? Who sewed your clothes? Who farmed your food?  Who takes your garbage and where does it go? Beginning to be more conscious of your role in society starts with the little decisions we make every day.  That’s why I love to go on hikes for crystals and pay others who dug them up with their own hands. Take freshwater coral, for example: a lovely way to support local artists in Michigan is by buying Petosky Stone!  These pieces comes straight to us from good old small businesses, where they collect stones right out of the lake and hand polish them. The organic patterns are as unique as a snowflake, and the pendant resonates of timeless wisdom.  Rocks remind us that the evolutionary process takes time, and we are all going at our own pace. See what pretty treasures lie around you in your own home environment. Maybe you’ll find a special piece waiting for its forever home! 


This is a historically popular stone with lots of power to help you heal from within the physical body.  Garnet is especially useful for purifying the blood, regulating moon cycles, aiding in recovery from addiction, and allowing mother earth keep you present.  The highest quality garnet shimmers in the sunlight, soaking healing energy all the way into your hemoglobin. Feel your cardiovascular system pump with ease, and make sure you breathe with gratitude as you meditate with this crystal.  

Golden Rutilated Quartz

This gemstone reminds us that we have permission to experience ecstasy.   What a gift to connect the sacral, solar and heart chakras! Clear away any blockages that may be preventing you from focusing on your pleasure.  Dare to speak your heart’s desires, ask for what you deserve, and take responsibility for how you feel. Cease waiting for others to do or say something to “make” you what you are.  Start identifying with who you can be at your core without the labels of society. By letting go of thoughts that are driven from defense, we have more time to focus energy on our inner light.  Visualize each beautiful golden rutile in these beads as piercing lightning bolts of love, ready to redirect your ego mind from the argument and into ascension. Have you ever seen the famous statue The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa? Go google it if you haven’t!  THAT is what this stone is all about! Surrender, bliss and divine love.  


Humans are over 70% water, and Howlite is here to reach every last drop in your being!  This wonderful stone has an innate ability to transform you from the inside out by connecting with sacred water energy.  Use Howlite to remind you that clean water is a privileged resource so that you are full of gratitude whenever you drink.  This is one element that you can infuse with your intentions, so as you pass by fresh springs, lakes, rivers, and oceans, send your prayers for peace into the molecules.  Howlite will absorb your mindful wishes and help you heal the physical body. This stone is like a good Capricorn: reliable, dependable and predictable. Calm yourself from the stormy waves of emotion with a strong shore like Howlite.  


Let a torrent of truth meet you daily as you call in understanding of your path for health, wealth and happiness.  Your angels are available and eager to assist you as you set specific intentions in your life. No wonder this crystal has been used for centuries around the world!  You’ve probably seen ancient pieces of carved Jade in every museum or palace you’ve ever visited, and for good reason. Dynasties and rulers have been calling on this stone to protect and heal, and now you can join their ranks.  Jade is a trusty messenger, a wise council, and a compassionate friend.  


Like Agate, Jasper is found all around the earth, and is a beautiful ally for keeping us grounded and focused.  If you have a tendency to have a million things going at once, and busy is your middle name, it’s time to bring some Jasper into your life!  Approach one task at a time, and you will be sure to find more fulfillment and pride in your work. How do you eat your favorite gluten-free, raw, vegan cake?  You can’t swallow the whole thing at once, silly; take it one bite at a time! Life may seem to demand a lot, so begin to compartmentalize your lists.  


Canada’s most popular Shaman’s stone is one of pure mystery.  This indigo stone can really shine every color of the rainbow; often times green, blue, gray, white, and yellow, it can appear black or even orange and purple tinted in different light.  This stone resonates strongly with the 3rd eye chakra and helps you work with intuition like flexing a muscle. Start breathing and meditating with this stone regularly if you are ready to receive messages from your higher self.  Sleep near it for increased awareness of the lucid dream state, and find a new relationship with you pineal gland.  


This crystal was named by a man in the Dominican republic who wanted to honor his daughter (Larissa) and the sea (El Mar) upon discovery.   One of my favorite aspects of this stone is that is truly honors the masculine and feminine. I’ve met countless men and women who gravitate towards it, and I believe it is because the magic of the oceans captivates a deep core need in all of our beings.  Water is life, and all life emerges from the ocean. When we need to call in the energy of the sea, we use Larimar and pray to the mermaids, bowing to their Kings, Neptune and Poseidon. Enjoy the tropical breeze of inspiration this stone offers, and keep the wombs of the world in mind when you consider your consumption.  Release your tendencies to purchase single use plastic and pave a future to reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse! 


This crystal has always reminded me of an alien species of coral growing in the ocean of my heart...sometimes striped like a zebra, other times bubbly and raw, it never disappoints!  Malachite is the mistress of unlimited love and approval. Its bright green hues resonate to the vibrations of the heart chakra and help you pulse with a universal smile. Feel your whole torso grow with your in breath, warm your heart, and exhale to radiate that divine love out into your environment.  Using Malachite in your meditations will aid in you forming tender relationships. Be ready for cupid to show up in exciting new ways, and always treat yourself!

Mantra Beads

Om Mane Padme Hum...I am the jewel inside of the lotus.  From the depths of the darkness I rise towards the light, going slowly and trusting my journey.  Chant and repeat, silently or out loud, and let the conscious brainwashing overflow your cup. The worries float away, and the gratitude washes in.  


Like a warrior against fear, this stone is famous for protecting us from illusions of danger.  I like to think of Onyx like a tribal grandfather, a wise and gentle patriarch. He knows it is an addictive impulse to be afraid, and you may have been programmed from a young age to avoid trusting others.  Although this safety defense may come in handy in some situations, Onyx is here to hold your hand as you walk through life. Resonating deeply with the root chakra to create a foundation of faith, this crystal dissolves our tightly wound judgemental beliefs.  Notice when you are being irrational, and when you might be able to leap more into the unknown. There might just be a beautiful opportunity for you waiting around the corner you were nervous to look beyond!  


If unicorns and angels cried from laughing together, and poured those tears into molds, they would turn into Opalite beads!  These almost rainbow, translucent varieties sparkle like fish scales playing with patterns of light. Resonating with the crown chakra, Opalite is perfect for reaching the heavenly realms during prayer.  Feel energetically lighter, making room for playfulness and divine channeling from your spirit guides.  

Orange Calcite

Calling all students and teachers….YOU!  Human Experience on Earth is your field of study, and Calcite reminds you that class is always in session.  Tap into your sacral chakra to find fun and creative ways to spark your passion projects. Have you been feeling apathetic or unmotivated?  It is time to energize the emotional body and kick start you back into gear. No more artistic blockages or fears of trying something new. Bring excitement into your personal and professional goals, and let those creative juices flow!  

Peach Moonstone

This shimmery gem is uniquely tuned to evoke the divine mother.  Have you been yearning to turn more attention towards your own needs and dreams, rather than pouring out your energy for others?  Chances are, you need some love in your higher heart and sacral chakras. Use Peach Moonstone to sync up to all the organic cycles of the universe and prioritize yourself so that you are more able to provide to the rest of the world!  Remember, we have to put on our oxygen masks first before assisting other passengers on this crazy flight. Imagine the reservoir of love overflowing from your heart and out into the world. Go sweetly, go softly, and find compassion for all living beings.  Call in goddess energy to nurture and tend to your heart, and notice continuous thoughts of gratitude emerging into your reality. Remember to mother yourself, hold your own heart like a newborn, and speak kindly to your soul. 

Petrified Wood

Dear reader, I want you to consider the pressures in your current environment.  Have you been feeling weighed down, perhaps defeated, by the heaviness of life? Petrified Wood is here to show you that great transformation occurs when we allow pressure to mold and shape us.  Instead of falling into the victim state, rise into your new position, like a crystalline tree petrified into dazzling strength. This is the essence of evolution. Much like a pinecone, which can only germinate with the help of intense heat forcing it to open and create new life, the pressures in our lives are there to assist us in growing.  Once a tree, now a strong crystal, Petrified Wood can outlast any environmental change. Call upon the ancient wisdom in these archaic stones to encode your DNA with trust whenever you feel punished. See the universal tests around you as the pressure you desire to ascend into enlightenment.  


Ahh, how I crave to re-nickname this beautiful mineral, for she ain’t no fool, and no fool deserves her!  If you’ve heard of Pyrite being “fool’s gold,” it’s time to look beyond appearances once and for all. If you have been blinded by greed or competition, Pyrite is here to remind you that greater gifts lie beneath the surface.  Be grateful for the abundance that surrounds you, and more treasures will start pouring into your life. Make a plan to organically grow your business and professional goals, and you will be rewarded. Trust there is a shiny bonus coming your way when you work hard.  All that glitters isn’t gold, and we thank goddess she created Pyrite for that! Think of Lakshmi, who offers riches to your heart. It doesn’t make sense to focus only on dollars and cents! Focus on your selfless acts, and your real rewards will tumble in.  

Rainbow Moonstone

Even if you are new to the world of crystals, chances are you’ve already seen this gorgeous rock.  Rainbow Moonstone is a total crowd favorite, and for good reason. Just like our faithful grandmother moon, who sticks by earth through daily rotations and annual orbital changes, Moonstone aids the wearer in syncing up to the natural rhythms of all life.  Invoking the crown chakra and the divine feminine, she sparkles with the colors of the rainbow when you pay attention, keeping you present and focused. Learn to read your emotional tides and trust that there are times for darkness, and times for light. Regulate your own cycles and understand the beauty of routine, especially when it seems like chaos abounds.  


Jump start your empathy for all living creatures with this heart centered crystal.  Rhodonite is famous for helping us feel into deeper vulnerability, so that we may heal instead of cover up old wounds.  Challenge yourself to let go of your inner critic, and your self talk will blossom with positivity. Focus on replacing your plans for revenge with plots for love!  Start recognizing the precious opportunities you have to relieve the world of pain and suffering. Without looking for recognition or instant gratification, you’ll find good deeds have an even greater ripple effect.  

Rose Quartz

Like receiving a big hug from your inner mother, Rose Quartz is the famous stone for self-care.  Have you been neglecting yourself by busying with the needs of others? It is time to nurture your higher heart and go easy on yourself! Find compassion for your mistakes, forgiveness for your wrongs, and unlimited self-love for those around you.  “If you don’t see God in All, than you don’t see God at all.” That includes YOU! Defeat the pattern of picking on your faults and start handing out compliments for your small victories. Rose Quartz is like a little love letter you write to yourself!  Remember, you are the love of your life.  

Sacred Wood

Although I am a total crystal geek, I have to remember that plants gave me my first insights into the healing powers of mother earth’s gems.  Using wood in my mala necklaces is a fabulous way for me to change the weight, texture and style of the beads, and infuse sacred plant medicine into intentional jewelry.  These wooden treasures are also great for the root chakra, helping you recognize your place in the world. Feel a sense of peace, calm and belonging. You are home!  


Such a dazzling name for a variety of colors!  This crystal can be a little more expensive, but she is found in many countries like India for far less of a ticket price.  If you are calling sapphire into your life, you are ready to level up. Take that escalator to new heights mentally, spiritually and physically!  Open yourself up to understand more mysteries.  

Smoky Quartz

Especially useful during times of transition, this type of crystal is a big pleaser...because we are constantly transitioning!  Feel steady and ready for what life is throwing at you as we revolve through space. Smoky Quartz helps us tap into the left brain, so that we may use logic and reasoning to move forward.  Have you been feeling spacey, emotional or scattered? Smoky Quartz will be the big brother who not only lets you borrow his car, but also gives you direction on where you are going. Like the foundation of a home, this stone is rock solid (hah!) and brings an earthy quality to your life.  

Strawberry Quartz

When the workload is piling higher, and the list of to dos is getting longer, we often forget to pencil ourselves into our daily duties.  Strawberry Quartz is here to press pause on the responsibilities and remind you to take precious moments of soothing stillness. Looking into the mirror and saying, “I Love You” is a great way to come back to the higher heart chakra and find peace in an instant.  Carry this crystal with you on hectic days, and train yourself to float effortlessly instead of fast pacing your way through everything. Put down the distractions, and immerse your being in self-love. Know your worth, and know you’re worth it! Here is a fun quick exercise: soften your shoulders and take a nice fake yawn to trick your brain back into calmness.  Now, how do you feel?  

Tiger’s Eye

Stick out your tongue, open your eyes, release your claws and let your fangs grow wide!  Tiger’s Eye is here to supercharge your sacral and solar plexus chakras with intense healing.  Using the divine masculine to tear down old patterns and limiting beliefs, this crystal inspires you to reach deep down and GO FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE!  Get clear on what you’ve been missing, and then stop avoiding the beautiful opportunities the universe is granting you to grow. Channel compersion (the opposite of jealousy) and learn to have unlimited joy for another’s joy, thereby destroying the illusion of competition.  Hold yourself accountable and explore what brings you purpose by being of service to others. The need to blame will dissolve as you use Tiger’s Eye to keep your healthy ego strong.  


Ah, what a go to.  This stone comes in a rainbow of colors, each one uniquely purposeful for mindfulness practices.  I love using black Tourmaline and feeling the cool weight of added harmony and balance. Watermelon Tourmaline is super fun to look at, and is a bit more gentle and inspiring.  Check in with yourself when selecting your favorite style and don’t take my word for it alone--do some at home research with your soul to realize why you are attracted to this! Maybe you need less screen time?  Maybe you need more fresh air? 


One of the most loved gemstones all over the globe, turquoise is best known for its protective and healing qualities.  You’ve probably seen by now that this crystal helps just about everyone! From the French, “Turkish Stone,” it has long been popularized by Califonia hippies, Tibetan priests, ancient Chinese totems, old Western cowboys and more.  Turquoise jewelry, decor, altar items, etc., promote good fortune, and travelers often keep this precious crystal around to ward off negative energies. Feel your aura and physical body shielded from mal intentions, and view your Turquoise like a lucky rabbit’s foot in your back pocket.  

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