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9/25 A Letter of Encouragement

“Write a Letter of Encouragement to yourself-one that is filled with as much hope and compassion as one you would send to your best friend.”

Hey there, rock star. Look at you living the dream! Holy shit, can you imagine telling you 5 or 10 years ago what you’d be doing right now? Finding a way to live rent free, practicing yoga and meditation with your partner in shine, using creativity and intention to manifest business on the road? You are the best darn dog mama around, and you give loving care and attention with ease. You know exactly how to scrape together a delicious meal even when you haven’t gone shopping for days, and you’re great at saving money. Can we also highlight—WTF YOU DON’T DRINK BOOZE ANYMORE!!!! That took a whole lotta prayer, dedication and commitment. If you have the strength to exert that much energy into one self care movement, any single project you try can succeed!! So ya know what I say? I say you’re ready. You’re ready and capable of taking some big steps or some baby steps, whatever the universe desires of you right now. It’s time to let go of anger as a motivator and previous ideas of what “productivity” meant, because spirit has a much grander plan. You are ready to step into the halls of Amenti, to unlock the Akashic mysteries, to plug into mother earth, to surround yourself with light beings, to breathe, to give thanks, to offer up some time and love to causes greater than self. You are so ready and so needed. That’s right. WE NEED YOU! We, the earth keepers, the light workers, the earth warriors, we see you. You are the Emerald Priestess. We love you. Collective and conscious love.

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Sarah AlbertComment