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Plume Herbal Smokes

The global yogi gathering Hanuman Festival is happening this weekend in Boulder, Colorado, and Improbable Reality is teaming up with Plume Herbal Smokes to offer festival goers a beautiful alternative pre-roll.

Have you ever smoked CBD flower?

It gives you everything you want from a normal cannabis plant, and removes what you don’t desire in a typical “weed high.” Using 100% organic ingredients, Plume has blended together industrial hemp (which is tested below the legal 0.3% THC) and a flowery mix to make this joint taste delicious and burn better than your average hand rolled smokable.

Most cannabis users report they medicate to relieve stress, anxiety and social barriers. Unfortunately, a lot of patients can also experience debilitating side effects, making THC harder to imbibe on a normal, daily basis. This is why we have teamed up to promote their consistent recipe: a pre-roll that delivers exactly what you need from CBD to assist your mind, body and spirit.

With so many salves, lotions, pills and oils out in the market right now, it is hard to tell who has put the plant first and the product second. When you buy something that says “750 mg per bottle” do you know the exact profile of that CBD source?

Our internal cannabinoid receptors crave full spectrum CBD to promote wellbeing, and Plume goes above and beyond while meeting industry standards so you don’t get high, rather you harmonize with peace.

What is even more attractive with these pre rolls, is that we have fully removed the need to smoke tobacco. If you are a regular cigarette smoker, you’ll love the ease with which you body can consume Plume compared to a toxin filled cigarette.

Use the code ImprobableReality at check out to buy yours today with a 10% discount, and ship legally across the USA!

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