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September: The Month of Journaling!

Today starts a month long quest of coming back to my blog. I am committing to using prompts daily from @gnomad_home and sharing with their Instagram community so that I have accountability with writing.

Why turn to words?

I have slacked quite a bit on paying attention to this website, and since it is a real love of mine to share stories, I am overdue in posting more to this online journal!

Our first “assignment” is to get clear on some intentions. What do I hope to get out of these writing exercises? Above all else, I hope to create a daily practice that is therapeutic and creative. I want to be more active on social media, and knowing that there are many of you out there with me on this journey is inspiring. I hope to give my heart space to flow, and write from the soul without too much editing or overthinking. I hope there is a prompt that makes me nervous, a prompt that makes me proud, and a prompt that is a total surprise. I’m giddy knowing my nerdy passion for eloquence is being met around the globe, and I am excited to read everyone else’s responses!

After getting a BA in English, I pretty much stopped writing. I did for work here and there, writing recommendations, building websites, etc., but I lost my passion to write in my day to day life. When I travel abroad, I love keeping a journal, but living in the van has been more about taking notes when I listen to podcasts or watch Gaia TV, or doodling when the time is right.

So, now, the time is WRITE!

Setting intentions this first day of September to find the time, drop the excuses, and stick with a month of writing. YAY!

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