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9/16 Love to My Pet

“Write a letter to one of your pets, past or present.”

My darling little wiggle butt,

You first came to me in my dreams. I saw your white face and I knew your name was Winnie. I did not know what a fucking handful and what a soulmate you would be. You taught me how to celebrate the small joys and recognize progress. You taught me the importance of discipline and what it means to be alpha. I look into your eyes and I know you understand so much more than we give you credit for, even though we don’t always make a lot of sense. When your intentions are strong, I hear you. Thank you for communicating with me in a language only we speak. Thank you for developing routines and inspiring me to do more. Thank you for speaking up and calming down and everything in between.

When they say the owner and the dog are similar, I take it as a compliment. You are my little shadow, and my baby nugget for eternity. You have taught me playfulness and companionship, forgiveness and vulnerability, possessiveness and dependence. The times we share are so important—outside in the snow, swimming in fresh water, or cuddling on the couch. I am so blessed by our love. I promise to feed you more treats, keep showering you with kisses, and move more at your speed as you grow older.

You are my sweet little princess buba, and I am honored to be your mama!


The day we first met

you smiled in my arms


Winnie, my Lady

What would I do without you!?

Sarah AlbertComment