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9/17 Dream Time

“Write about a dream you had that you wish you didn’t have to wake up from.”

Since I stopped smoking cannabis, my dreams have intensified quite a bit. What this means for me, at this time, is that I don’t have a need to cling to dream world. I enjoy my dreams because I travel and explore and get frustrated and learn and love and cry, and I do all of these things in “real” life, too, so I’m okay waking up from dreams. The adventure continues in all realities for me!

So instead of lusting after a fleeting illusion, I’ll tell about a dream I had recently. My older brother had this awesome collection of psychedelic jeans and we happened to be the same size. He told me our mom bought them for him so he was extra protective, and he wouldn’t let me borrow a single pair. I was so jealous and woke up confused by how ridiculous that whole interaction was! Firstly, the man could care less about fashion. He would never wear those kinds of pants~so why was dream him doing it? I’m not sure ;)

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