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9/18 Rewarding Work

“What is your favorite type of work that you ALWAYS find rewarding? What do you enjoy so much about it?”

Well shoot, this one is easy! Teaching breathwork meditation is my absolute favorite type of work, and I consider it a privilege not a job! What I enjoy most about the opportunity to guide clients is my deeper connection to spirit and flow state. I love being able to introduce people back to their own heart centers. I practice trust and love and surrender whenever I am in this space so that I may step into a role of service for others. When I teach yoga and breathwork, I get absolutely high. Time bends and magic coats every word I speak, so that I may shine my own light brightly for everyone. Learning how to handle what may look like crisis situations to others is getting easier and smoother, and channeling messages for others is my prayer.

A deep gratitude goes out to my dear mother earth, for holding me in this cradle, for massaging my fears into nothingness with her majesty, and for continuing to awe me with her beauty. Thank you for this lifetime!

breathwork meditation teacher
Sarah AlbertComment