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9/19 Bodylove

“What do you love about your body?”

Goin’ at this one with some stream of consciousness, writing whatever comes to mind!

I love my eyes for being able to see the mystery of this world, for being able to gaze into the windows of all souls with whom I cross paths.

I love my hands to their ability to type these words, to tie knots of string between beads, and to pet my sweet baby doggo.

I love my feet for massaging the earth, for leaping and kicking and feeling balance from the ground up.

I love my shoulder blades for pulling tension down from my neck so that I can release tightness and unease.

I love my beautiful insides, for functioning like little crystals of a clock or a computer, turning and ticking in just the right motions to keep me functioning and going.

I love my yoni and her ability to embrace all ranges of emotions.

I love my hair and and my teeth and my nails, for even when I neglect them, they stay with me.

I love my tits all the way to my chin and down to my navel because fuck the times when I scrutinized and yelled at them for not being the way others demanded they should be!!!!!!!

I love my strong legs and my long neck and my ability to shift and change.


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